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Museum «Belarusian hut»

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Type: Historical Location: Minsk, Minsk region

Museum "Belarusian hut" is a subsidiary of  Literary Museum of Maksim Bagdanovich. Was opened in 1991 exhibition took place in the house, which has a lot of value for the history of the national culture. It was in this house, from October 1916 to February 1917, he lived Belarusian literary genius M.Bogdanovich. There is an exposition, designed in the style of "modern", which is a kind of organic continuation of one of the sections of the main literary museum M.Bogdanovich (theme poet's return to his homeland). This is an independent exhibition, which gives details on Minsk in life and work of the poet, the national literary and social movement in Minsk during the 1st World War. Fully restored memorial room of Maxim Bogdanovich, in part - the room Zm.Beduli Belarusian writer and his sisters. One of the most interesting exhibits "Belarusian hut" is an ancient puppet theater Batleika, which, in conjunction with all the exposure creates an organic synthesis of the museum and the theater. The total exhibition area of 92.1 square meters. m branch located at Minsk, ul. Rabkorovskaya 19. Today the museum is closed for repairs. Is the recovery of exposure.

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    Address 220007, Republic of Belarus, Minsk, Rabkorovskaya Str., 19 GPS Google: 53.88816′ N, 53.88816′ E