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Museum «Farmstead Rakutevschina»

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Type: Historical Location: Minsk region

Museum "Farmstead Rakutevschina" is a subsidiary of  Literary Museum of Maksim Bagdanovich, which is a monument of culture of Belarus. Opened in 1994 (works today). It was here, in the estate Lyczkowskis' Files, the summer of 1911 was visiting a classic of Belarusian literature Maxim Bogdanovich. "Stranіtsa Lepsha ¢ shtodzennіku zhytstsya" - so named poet during this time. Creative finds - two cycles of poems: "The old Belarus", "Places" and two poems, "Veranіka" and "At vestsy." The total exhibition area - 210.1 square meters. m "Farmstead Rakutevschina" includes the estate Lyczkowskis' Files (House tenant, house owner, barn), the area round the estate, the source of Maxim. Every year there is a holiday of poetry and song "Rakutevskoe summer", which is dedicated to the memory M.Bogdanovich. The branch is located at: Minsk region, Molodechnensky district, etc. Rakutevschina.

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    Address 222310, Republic of Belarus, Minsk, Molodechnensky district, v. Rakutevschina GPS Google: 54.25724′ N, 54.25724′ E