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Museum Raion Crafts Center Rusino

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Type: Local History The exhibition: 5 Location: Baranovichi, Brest region

Raion Crafts Center Rusino is located in Baranovichi district in agrotown Rusino on the bank of the river Shchara. Raion Crafts Center Rusino carries out its activities in close cooperation with state and non-state actors that promote the development of folk art, art crafts and trades.

Every guest of Crafts Center Rusino will have the opportunity not only to learn about folk art, but also to learn the craft chosen to participate in master classes.

Photo - Raion Crafts Center Rusino

    Exposure - Raion Crafts Center Rusino

    1. hall of the literary andhistorical exhibition devoted to the work of such famous people as Andrew Rimsa – is the founder of the genre of panegyric poetry in Old Belarusian literature, Adam Mickiewicz – Belarusian poet of XVIII century, Pavlyuk Bagrim – is national poet, is one of the founders of the new modern Belarusian literature, etc. You can also get acquainted with the architecture of the region, reconstruction of the royal castle near village Staraya Mish, mock of manor house of nineteenth century in village Yastrembel whose owner in the mid-nineteenth century was Mikhail Katlubay.
    2. hall of modern arts and crafts exhibited works of the masters, artists and talented people of region. Presented items of straw and wood, collection of samovars, patterned belts and antique candlesticks made ​​in the technique of art sharpening.
    3. hall of national crafts acquaints visitors with such popular types craft as hunting, beekeeping, fishing, etc.
    4. hall of pottery exhibits provide detailed information about the process of making pottery.
    5. interior of peasant house presented the main elements of the interior, typical of peasant house of the twentieth century: red corner, oven, furniture, loom, gramophone, etc.

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    Location map - Raion Crafts Center Rusino

    Address Republic of Belarus, Brest region, Baranovichi district, agrotown Rusino, Street Lugovaya, 6. GPS Google: 53.082094′ N, 53.082094′ E