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Museum of insects and beekeeping «Staraya Ves»

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Type: Ecological The exhibition: 2 Location: Zelva, Grodno region

Museum of insects and beekeeping «Staraya Ves» opened September 7, 2006 in the village of Voronich Zelvenski district, Grodno region, in the west on the border of Belarus, Brest Grodno regions.

All furnishings museum-estate in its design, anyway, is associated with insects: this wallpaper and tulle on the windows, bedding, souvenirs, tableware, lamps, books about insects and specialist literature, an album of photographs, vases, clocks, towels, napkins and others. On the coffee table is a compilation of newspapers and magazines, which tells about the museum and an album of photographs reflecting the short history of the museum.

During the existence of the museum, in addition to Belarusians, it was visited by guests from Russia (Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Volgograd, Kazan, Syktyvkar, Severomorsk, Murmansk, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky), Ukraine, Turkmenistan, Baltic countries, Poland, Germany, England, Ireland, United States , Canada, the Netherlands, Denmark, France and China.

Photo - Museum of insects and beekeeping «Staraya Ves»

    Exposure - Museum of insects and beekeeping «Staraya Ves»

    1. bee apiary exhibition devoted to beekeeping. Here, visitors will learn about the history of beekeeping from Ancient Egypt to the present, about the biology and ethology of bees. The exhibition demonstrates the tools and equipment of the beekeeper, different types of framework, honeycomb, presented bee products (honey, propolis, pollen pollen, wax) and industrial products, where it is used beekeeping products: confectionery, alcoholic beverages, medicines based on propolis bee venom and royal jelly; cosmetic preparations; products of the chemical and other industries. Here there are medicinal products used for the treatment and prevention of diseases the bees themselves. On the wall there is a shelf in the form of bee honeycomb with jars of honey from many countries in the original packaging.
    2. insects is a collection of insects collected by the owner of the museum for forty years. The exhibition of more than three and a half thousand specimens of insects, more than half of which – a butterfly, with almost all insects caught in Belarus.

    Schedule Museum of insects and beekeeping «Staraya Ves»

    Location map - Museum of insects and beekeeping «Staraya Ves»

    Address 231947, Republic of Belarus, Grodno region, Zelva district, village Voronich, 19 GPS Google: 53.153106′ N, 53.153106′ E