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Museum «Ruzhanskypalace complex Sapieh»

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Type: Historical Location: Ruzhany, Brest region
Ruzhansky Sapieha palace complex is located in the town and is a Ruzhany ruins of the once great palace kind Sapieha and architectural monument of the XVII century. Sapieha Palace was built in 1602, the Chancellor of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania Lev Sapieha. In the documents there were no exact start of construction of the palace, as well as the name of the architect. But in the old town Ruzhany records dating from 1602, the year, there is a record of large-scale construction, but without specifying the exact location of the building. Historians suggest that the most likely Sapieha castle was erected on the site of the old manor Tyszkiewicz, who owned the land before.

Gentry Sapieha born – born of the emblem «Fox» in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, which is inherited in the middle of the XVI century ownership Golshansky, I began to enjoy enormous influence. Peak power Sapieha fell at the beginning of the XVIII century, when they waged internecine war with the rest of the nobles, in the end, unfortunately, undermine their power.

In the 1770's under the leadership of the famous Saxon architect Ya.S.Bekkera estate Sapieha was completely rebuilt in the very popular at that time, the classical style. When the palace was assembled an extensive library, a greenhouse is divided, and the main pride was a separate building of the theater, which is located around the English park.

Historical records indicate that in 1784, visited the palace last king of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania Stanislaw Poniatowski. After the events that followed after the third partition of Poland, Sapieha sharply opposed the king's government, and the construction and decoration of the palace had to be stopped. In 1831, the November Uprising was crushed, then Palace of Sapieha was handed over to the royal treasury, and its premises were put under Jewish breeder weaving factory.

Museum «Ruzhansky palace complex of Sapieha» was opened in December 2010, when the restoration work was completed on the reconstruction of the east wing and the gate, and then authorities decided to open a museum on the basis of the palace complex with a view to ensuring cultural communication, educational and recreational needs of the population, as well as the formation of the historical consciousness of citizens. On January 25, 2011 in the east wing of the exhibition is officially running and exhibition hall dedicated to the work kind Sapieha. At the end of December 2011 the main construction work is finished in the west wing. In the restored building of the exposition dedicated to the history of the town Ruzhany main residence of the Sapieha, architectural monuments of time Sapieha and exhibition hall «Living Chancellor», where in the interiors of XVII-XVIII centuries. held dramatized historical reconstruction, had relevance to the history of the palace complex Ruzhany Sapieha.

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    Address 225154, Brest region, Pruzhany district, GP Rouge Street. Urbanowicz, 15a GPS Google: 52.860924′ N, 52.860924′ E