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Memorial Museum gardener-breeder Sikora

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Type: Memorial Location: Sharkovshchina, Vitebsk region
I.P.Sikory Memorial Museum was established in 1988 by the decision of Ministry of Sharkovshchina. At first, the museum building was decided to build next to the high school of Sloboda. As such, the museum existed until 1999.

In 2000, ministry purchased a private house in the village of Small Alashki, which is just next to the garden, laid down once himself I.P.Sikoroy. The house was restored for a long time, then here were transported museum exhibits.

In the museum exposition and an office equipped with Ivan Pavlovich. In 2014, under the authority of the museum entered the house, where from 1924 until his death he lived and worked famous horticulturist.

Photo - Memorial Museum gardener-breeder Sikora

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    Address 211911, Vitebsk region., Sharkovshchina district, d. Alashki GPS Google: 55.296024′ N, 55.296024′ E