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Museum Buda-Koshelev name Moiseenko Art Gallery

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Type: Art Location: Buda-Koshelevo, Gomel region

Picture Gallery. E.E.Moiseenko opened its doors in 2007 in the town of Buda-Koshelevo a sign of remembrance and respect native Buda Koshelёvskogo District, People's Artist of the USSR, Hero of Socialist Labor, a professor of painting Yevsei Evseevich Moiseenko. The fixed assets of the exhibit gallery is 432, of which 187 paintings. In Buda-Koshelevo today is the only Belarusian museum of works of folk artist. The most famous exhibit is the study, presented gallery pupil Moiseenko Oleg Marushkina.

History of art gallery originates June 15, 1999, when Buda-Koshelevo district was held I International Slavic plein air them. EE Moiseenko, which brought together artists from Belarus, Ukraine and Russia. Outdoor place with direct participation of the Department of Culture executive committee, Buda-Koshelevo executive committee, board of the regional organization of the Artists' Union of Belarus and Uvarovichi library.

June 15, 2002 and warmly welcoming Buda-Koshelevo land meets artists participants of the II International Slavic plein air - visitors from Russia and Ukraine. Gomel region in this open air were honored art worker of Belarus, laureate of the State Prize of the Republic of Belarus Nikolai Kazakevitch, chairman of the regional organization of the Belarusian Union of Artists Anatoly Otchik and are experienced masters like Robert and Vitaly Landarsky Denisenko. Famous Belarusian artist, Honored Artist, laureate of the State Prize of Belarus Eduard Agunovich was also among the participants. September 16, 2004 in the village of Buda-Koshelevo district hosted the III International Slavic plein air, in memory of her native V.K. Tsvirko. Fourth International Slavic plein air passed September 19, 2006 in celebration of the 90th anniversary of academician of painting, People's Artist of the USSR E. Moiseenko.

The most important for the Art Gallery is a sketch Yevsey 1946, which was referred to the gallery pupil Oleg Pavlovich Marushkina, which, in turn, presented a picture of his wife Yevsey - Valentine Lavrentevna fishing. It should be noted that at the moment in our country do not have pictures of EE Moiseenko, except the one that is stored in our picture gallery.

The funds of the gallery is stored a number of works of authors who develop the creativity finds plastic painters and graphic artists, sculptors of the XX century. Of particular interest is the work of Anna Vinogradova Germanovna and Nicholas D. Blokhin. Of particular note is the work of the artist-painter, a member of the Artists Union of Russia, VV Peslyakova. His artistic career began in 1975, participation in regional fairs and festivals of art, for which he was awarded a diploma and a diploma of the first degree. In the gallery there is one single picture V.K. Tsvirko "Evening," written in 1979.

Updating the museum galleries happened by International Slavic plein air. Funds of the gallery were also supplemented by instances of local lore and nature paintings accepted a gift from fellow artists. Today Art Gallery E.E. Moiseenko - one of the most iconic places Buda-Koshelevo. The original architecture of the building, according to the project's nephew Yevsey, Gomel resident Sergei Moiseenko, good design registration premises attracts residents and visitors alike. Every year more than 3,000 visitors attending an art gallery. Over a five-year existence in the gallery we visited not only the residents, groups and organizations Buda-Koshelevo, but residents Brestschiny, Gomel region, Mozyrschiny and other parts of Belarus.

Museum Awards: Certificate of victory in the nomination "Cultural Heritage" regional action "10 iconic places Buda-Koshelevo" diploma of the winner of regional competition for the spiritual revival of "Christmas Star" in the nomination "For special contribution to the development of spirituality, aesthetics of existence."

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    Address 247350, Gomel region., Buda-Kasheliova,t Komsomolskaya Stree, 4 GPS Google: 52.714583′ N, 52.714583′ E