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Museum Mozyr castle

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Type: Historical Location: Mozyr, Gomel region
Mozyr castle is the historical center of the city. It was here, in the castle, according to the chronicles there was a city. The first mention of Mozyr was in the "Tale of Bygone Years" in 1155. The basis of the town is a defensive Detinets.

At the end of the XV century instead of wooden structures built in Mozyr castle. The first mention of the Mozyr castle was in 1519 found in the annals of Sigismund I. On the territory of the courtyard located residential and farm buildings, a palace, a church of the Holy Saviour, the three towers and a well. North-west side defended parkan. After the attacks of the Tatars in 1497, 1521 and 1534, respectively, and Glinski uprising in 1508, the fourth war Basil in 1533, the castle was destroyed permanently. However, every time it was reduced. The castle was a good defensive structures, which made it important for the entire history of the city.

In 1576, the castle was rebuilt. Its quite extended, built two towers: one "Ptichskaya" and near the old market. The construction manager was Mikhail Narbut. After this restructuring, the city is divided into "old" and "new", but it was connected to a general strengthening - lock.

In 1951, a monument to "Mozyr fort and castle site XII-XVII centuries." Investigated Kukharenko, resulting in a circular ceramic fragments found XII-XVII centuries, a lot of glass objects and ornaments, as well as weapons and domestic products. Because of found objects can be judged on how it developed and what to do city residents.

Visitors to the museum during the tour can visit the tower of the castle, a pavilion-chapel of the Transfiguration, viewing platforms, buy souvenirs.

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    Address 247760, Mozyr, Gorа Communards, 8 GPS Google: 52.049970′ N, 52.049970′ E