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Grodno Museum of Gorodnitsa History

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Type: Historical The exhibition: 3 Location: Grodno, Grodno region

History Museum Gorodnitsa (house or master,Bosnyatsky house) - a museum dedicated to the activities of the Grodno elder podskarbiya Grand Duchy of Lithuania Antoni Tyzenhaus.  

Gorodnitsa - the historic district of the city of Grodno, monument urban planning of the second half of XVIII century, built on the initiative of Antoni Tyzenhaus in 1765-85 years in the suburbs of Grodno, former village Gorodnitsa (modern Lenin Square and the street E. Ozheshko) in order to create a cultural and industrial center for 1500 people. Project flatness and buildings Gorodnitski ensemble engaged Dresden architect J. Moser and Italian Giuseppe Sacco. A total of 85 Gorodnitsa was erected buildings for different purposes, grouped circle squares, streets and alleys. When building the first time in the history of Belarusian architecture have been used new methods of design and construction to withstand high for that time, the pace of work. Buildings Gorodnitsa included three separate zones regularly planned: administrative and cultural, educational and industrial-residential, placed in western, central and eastern parts of the territory. On both sides of the street built 20 typical single-storey wooden houses, which provided for to settle foreign masters invited Antoni Tyzenhaus to work in the manufactories.

Photo - Grodno Museum of Gorodnitsa History

    Exposure - Grodno Museum of Gorodnitsa History

    1. Anthony Tyzengauz Hall The exhibition introduces the results of the reform efforts of the graph. Among the exhibits products manufactories and workshops, documents and drawings of the XVIII century.
    2. The kitchen of the XVIII century kitchen utensils and furnishings typical of the townspeople of the XVIII century
    3. Тemporary exhibition Updated every couple of months of the exhibition and exhibition of works by masters of Voronezh

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    Location map - Grodno Museum of Gorodnitsa History

    Address 230023, Grodno region, Grodno, Orzeszko str., 37 GPS Google: 53.685283′ N, 53.685283′ E