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Grodno Museum of Maxim Bogdanovich

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Type: Literary Location: Grodno, Grodno region

History of Grodno Museum of Maxim Bogdanovich begins in 1986, when opened the first exhibition of the literary department "Grodno History and Archeology Museum." In 1995, the museum became an independent. Since 2014 joined the "Grodno State Historical and Archaeological Museum" as a literary department. The museum is housed in a wooden building built in 1888, which is included in the list of historical and cultural values of the Republic of Belarus as part of the historic center of Grodno.

Grodno Museum of Maxim Bogdanovich engaged in the storage and collection of information on literary and historical events that were connected with the name of the Belarusian poet Maxim Bogdanovich in particular, and also the literary heritage of Belarusian writers, artists Grodno region as a whole. Already since 1986, the museum occupies part of a wooden house, built in 1888 on the former Malaya Sadovaya street. The museum has the following exhibitions: "The portrait gallery of famous figures of Belarus", "Grodno period of life of a family Bogdanovich," "Literary and social movement of the late XIX - early XX centuries"; as well as 4 of the memorial rooms: the office of his father, mother room, children's room, living room. Department of "Literary Grodno region: Past and Present" is dedicated to the life and works of famous writers Prinemanskij edge. The museum has 14,745 items. Among them - the poet's personal belongings, documents, photos, letters, household items XIX - early XX centuries, written evidence of social and cultural life at that time, as well as the legacy of the poets and writers of the Grodno region.

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    Address 230023, Grodno, 1 Maya str., 10 GPS Google: 53.687293′ N, 53.687293′ E