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Museum of Contemporary Folk Art Grodno

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Type: Ethnographic Location: Grodno, Grodno region

Museum of Contemporary Folk Art Grodno was opened in 1965 as a branch of the Grodno regional methodical center of folk art. The museum exhibits are stored that reflect the creative ideas beginners and professional artists of Grodno. Today it has more than 500 exhibits. Exposure of the fund represented by different kinds of old Belarusian folk crafts with local traditions and peculiarities.

A collection of traditional weaving represented the handbrake and belts, bedspreads and tablecloths, homespun rugs and towels, as well as Andarak, dresses, embroidered tank tops and embroidered shirts. Most pieces of woven works of art presented in exhaustive search technique of weaving from Leeds area.

Guests can explore the museum's unique collection of ceramics chernopolivnoy Joseph Shopika. Shopik a famous master of the city Porozovo Svisloch district, all of his work to date has real rarities because this technique does not work nearly wizard.

Also in the museum presents carved wood sculptures and everyday folk themes of famous masters Loke Joseph Savko from Voronich Zelva district, Mikhail Ryshkevich from the village Beshanki Lida district, the master of the village Kvasovka Grodno region Stanislaus Byka, Grodno master Leonti Serazha.

After many years of work in the exhibition hall of the museum has organized more than 400 thematic, group and individual exhibitions, which was attended by artists, sculptors and craftsmen known not only in Belarus, but also abroad. Monthly pass new museum exhibition of works by young artists.

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    Address 230025, Grodno, str. Sovetskaya, 8 GPS Google: 53.680384′ N, 53.680384′ E