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Museum of miniatures Strana mini

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Type: Historical The exhibition: 2 Location: Minsk, Minsk region
«Strana mini» - it is the only museum of miniatures not only in Minsk, but throughout Belarus. Its exposition consists of replicas of Belarusian sights with the surrounding landscape. Each miniature layout is interactive and also has its own technical features. The museum was opened in 2016, but despite its relatively young age, it is actively developing. Today in this unusual museum you can see 18 miniatures of Belarusian sights. They were selected on the basis of historical and cultural significance for Belarus: among miniature architectural monuments you can see not only popular, but also little-known tourist sites that are no less valuable and interesting.

The museum has a fascinating quest tour. Tourists will go on a mysterious journey through the history of Belarus, they have solve puzzles and encrypted messages. Upon successful completion of the quest, participants receive a gift.

The museum also hosts master-classes for children:

Master-class «My castle»:
At the master class, each participant creates his first castle on the basis of a special blank of thick paper, using scissors and glue. The master class is accompanied by ancient music and a video sequence of castles of Belarus. In the process of creation, instructor introduces participants to the structure and history of medieval castles, inspires travel and exploring the native land.

Master-class «Animals of the Pushcha»:
The master class allows young participants through creativity to get acquainted with the fauna of the National Nature Reserve Belovezhskaya Pushcha. With the help of such a pleasant and bright material as felt, participants create voluminous applications of animals (to choose from). Having put it on a stick, you can easily and with pleasure use them for a home theater, a fascinating lesson, and interior decoration.

Master-class «Coat of arms of the city»:
At the master class, participants analyze the coats of arms of the famous clans of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the Commonwealth, as well as create their own on a dense curly blank using stencils and paints.

Master-class «Knight and princess»:
Participants draw with paints a wooden figure in the form of a knight or a princess of choice. The master class is accompanied by a slide show with images of famous princesses and queens, knights and generals.

Photo - Museum of miniatures Strana mini

    Exposure - Museum of miniatures Strana mini

    1. Now museum displays the following objects:
      • Nesvizh Castle;
      • Gomel Palace of Rumyantsev-Paskevich;
      • Brest fortress;
      • National Opera and Ballet Theater of Belarus;
      • Belovezhskaya Pushcha and others.
    2. Authentic Photo Zone «Belarusian hut», filled with everyday objects of past centuries.

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    Location map - Museum of miniatures Strana mini

    Address 220030, Republic of Belarus, Minsk, Independence Avenue, 25 GPS Google: 53.903559′ N, 53.903559′ E