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Museum State memorial complex «Khatyn»

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Type: Memorial Location: Smolevichi, Minsk region

State memorial complex «Khatyn» was created July 5, 1969 in memory of the victims, innocently killed in the village, destroyed by 22 March 1943 a punitive detachment in revenge for killing several German soldiers. In memory of hundreds of Belarusian villages destroyed by the Nazis during World War II and the immense contribution of the Belarusian people, has brought untold sacrifices for victory in January 1966, the Central Committee of the PBC decided to establish in Smolevichi district of the memorial complex «Khatyn» and in the summer of 1969 . opening ceremony of the memorial.

The memorial complex is original impressive architectural and artistic structure created by a synthesis of the arts and carries a high patriotic idea expressed by realistic artistic means. Expressive, bright, figurative language, he tells about the tragedy and the courage of the Belarusian people during the Great Patriotic War. Monument to the Victims of Fascism have unusual, original solution threads, conciseness, simplicity and clarity. Exceptionally strong emotional impact is achieved harmonious unity with nature, sound, perfection of architecture and sculpture. The image of the unconquered inhabitant of Khatyn, carrying in her arms brutally murdered by the Nazis son, but not bow to the invaders, immortalized the feat of the whole people. In the struggle against the Nazi invaders killed every fourth inhabitant of the country.

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    Address The Republic of Belarus, Minsk., Logoisk district, 54 kilometer highway Minsk - Vitebsk (line M3) GPS Google: 54.335884′ N, 54.335884′ E