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Museum Memorial complex ”Hill of Glory”

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Type: Memorial Location: Smolevichi, Minsk region

The memorial complex «Barrow of Glory» is located in Smolevichi district, a 21-kilometer highway M2 Minsk - National Airport "Minsk", where, in July 1944, carried out an operation "Minsk pot", during which was broken 105,000th army of Nazis. This event was a turning point during World War II - after the July 11 began the liberation of Belarus from the capture of Nazi troops.

Decision on the beginning of construction of monumental sculpture Mound of Glory, dedicated to the memory of the courage and heroism of the Soviet soldiers and officers, as well as in honor of the Great Victory in the Great Patriotic War, was taken August 18, 1966.

At the place where now there is a memorial, September 30, 1966 made the first construction and laid a commemorative plate. It also held a meeting, which was attended by representatives of most of the hero-cities of the former USSR. After the meeting was held a ceremony during which the capsule has been immured in the base of the mound with a message to future generations. Participation in the construction of the Mound of Glory took many residents of Belarus, bringing a handful of earth to the memorial.

Today, the height of the memorial is about 70 meters. At the top of the hill is placed earthen sculpture of four symmetrical lined with titanium bayonet height of 35 meters. Bayonets represent the 1st, 2nd, 3rd Belorussian and 1st Baltic Front, the liberation of Belarus. The base of the memorial surrounds a ring with reliefs of Soviet soldiers and partisans. On the inner side of it, made in mosaic technique, applied to the text: "Soviet Army, Army-liberator - thanks!" Another decoration of the base of the obelisk is the image of World War II medals and glory. From the foot of the mound to the monument raised two concrete stairs, each of which has 241 degree. At the bottom of the Mound, equipped site located at the exhibits of military equipment. Here you can see some of the T-34 SU-100 during World War II, as well as self-propelled artillery SU-100.

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    Address The Republic of Belarus, Minsk., Smolevichi district, 21 km highway Moscow-Minsk (highway P53) GPS Google: 54.018858′ N, 54.018858′ E