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House Museum Kupriyanova

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Type: Military and Historical Location: Zhodino, Minsk region

House Museum Kupriyanova was opened in 1980 in the house where Anastasia Fomichna Kupriyanova lived the last years of his life. This house tells the story of the family, as an example we can talk about the national resistance of the Belarusians during the Great Patriotic War, about the life of people during the Nazi occupation of the courage and heroism of soldiers, guerrillas, and connected to the heroism of our women breast.

In 1942, the eldest son of Michael Anastasia Fomichny established contact with the guerrilla group "Death to fascism." With his direct participation were released two groups of Soviet prisoners of war, who also went to the partisans. Two other sons, Vladimir and Peter engaged in the exploration, gathering information for the guerrilla group "The defeat".

In January 1944, Michael, performing a combat mission, was ambushed by the Nazis. He ordered his scouts to depart, and he left them with machine-gun cover. I shoot to the last bullet. But when the Nazis surrounded him, Michael threw himself at his feet last grenade. The Germans captured him, seriously wounded, but still alive and taken to jail in Borisov.

A few days later, Vladimir was in touch with the underground and was ambushed near the village to enlist. He tried to escape, but the Germans opened fire and wounded him. Vladimir was captured. He also drove in Borisov prison. There he saw a bit of the living brother Michael. But none of the brothers did not show that they are familiar with. Michael died in front of his brother, and when he died, his body was handed Volodya from the camera and silently bade him farewell. In 1949, Vladimir tragically died in a German concentration camp.

After the liberation of Belarus Piotr was drafted into the Soviet Army. We went to the front and senior her sons Stepan and Nicholas. The mother was alone. But in July 1944, he came to the funerals middle son Stepan. In February 1945, missing senior Nicholas. November 2, 1944 died in Latvia, repeated the feat of Alexander Matrosov, her youngest son, Peter, 3 infantry battalion scout 53 motorized rifle brigade of the Red Banner Order of Suvorov.

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    Address 222160, Minsk., Zhodino, Moskovskaya str., 15 GPS Google: 54.098980′ N, 54.098980′ E