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Apartment Museum of Sevruk

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Type: Art Location: Nesvizh, Minsk region

Apartment Museum Sevruk was opened on 9 July 1996 in the apartment where he lived and worked as a painter, the second part was given to the museum by a service apartment. In the same year work began on the scientific staff of the museum for the collection. On 1 January 2015 the whole area of the apartment has been given over to the museum. The museum has an area of 49.6 sq.m. located about 1 239 museum objects, of which the main fund in 1235 exhibits and scientific subsidiary - 4.

 The "New exposition apartment-museum of Sevruk" has received the diploma of third degree at the 2nd National Forum "Museums of Belarus" in the nomination "The best scientific design of the exhibition".

Michael Sevruk was born in 1905 in Warsaw, received his artistic education at the Vilnius University, graduating in 1932, the Faculty of Fine Arts. The first works of the young talented artist were exhibited in Warsaw 1937-1938. After World War II he lived in Nesvizh and worked mainly in the field of genre painting and landscape. Perhaps because of the life at some distance from the capital, creativity MK Sevruk less known to connoisseurs of art than it deserves. In addition, the dispersal of works of art collections from different countries (Belarus, Poland, Lithuania) makes it difficult to study his legacy. And so the apartment-museum invariably attracts its walls not only art, but connoisseurs of Mikhail Sevruk.

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    Address 222603, Minsk., Nesvizh, st. Sadovaya, 38/1 GPS Google: 53.223515′ N, 53.223515′ E