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Museum XIX century farmhouses and stand in Uzda

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Type: Ethnographic Location: Uzda, Minsk region

"XIX century farmhouses and stand in Uzda" in the city is part of the State Bridle "Uzda District Local History Museum" and is a recreated farmhouse. Today, the museum can experience the atmosphere of the life of the peasants Uzdenschiny late XIX - early XX centuries. Here are household items, clothing, furniture, tools, farm buildings - all that surrounded the peasant in everyday life. How to build a house, what material why a lower crowns put grain, coins, hair, why scare away devils millstones, Why all the covers twisting wool outside, where a bedroom place if at the time there were no beds - all the answers to these and many other questions will guide while entertaining excursions.

Before you enter into the house, you will visit the economic court, where it was stored agricultural implements, and in the winter there was a beast. Guests pass through the passage and find out why this room is called the canopy, and even grating. The very hut, living part of it, begins with a warm, in the form of a large cube stove that Mother peasants affectionately was called, he considered her his assistant in many cases. And it is absolutely impossible without a stove to cook food. Simple was a peasant food: the soup and porridge - our food. Cook food in cast iron, used in this case tongs, poker, chapelnik. Each house have been samovar, which was going to a tea party for the whole family, and diagonally across from the furnace was located rake angle (red corner) with icons and lamps. Indispensable occupation peasant women, especially in the winter, it was spinning wool and flax on the spindle and the spinning-wheel. Women's work was not easy to wash laundry with Val and his ironing Rubel. But no matter how beautiful and interesting there were these weapons, decorated with the finest thread and instruction hostess. Belarusian human desire for beauty has affected the design of a simple clothing. It is impossible not to wonder skill, great love masters, vyshivshey fine-fine cross a man's shirt. Women's Peasant clothing late XIX - early XX century preserved traditional features. Uzdenschine was typical Kapyl Kletskiy-operation in clothes.

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    Address 223411, Republic of Belarus, Minsk region, Uzda, Shshkolnaya Street, 4a GPS Google: 53.465917′ N, 53.465917′ E