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State literary-memorial museum of Yakub Kolas

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Type: Literary Location: Minsk, Minsk region

Museum of Yakub Kolas is one of the leading cultural centers, where the preserved history of the life and work of one of the founders of the Belarusian language and literature, it is located in the house where lived Yakub Kolas 1945 and 1956. The status of a single memorial museum-estate in Minsk defines its uniqueness among other literary museums of the capital. The museum, which is the main fund is 32 240 units, keeps personal belongings of the poet and his family, books, manuscripts, documents, works of art that perpetuate the image of the national poet and the characters of his works. The museum was founded August 16, 1956. Open from December 4, 1959 on a small home of Yakub Kolas in Stolbtsy district, Minsk region operates branch "Mykolayiv" uniting memorial estates Lastok, Albud and Smolnya. A number of general and thematic tours of the museum and estates branch held theatrical tours, museum educational classes, exhibitions, meetings with famous people, literary and music festivals. Known is the scientific conference on the creation of the famous writer.

Each year, the museum during the celebration of the birth of national poet held a scientific conference "Kolasoviny" gained international status - attended not only by Belarusian scientists kolasovedy, but researchers from Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania. The conference Museum published scientific reports of the participants. Employees take part in conferences organized by other museums and various institutions of science and culture.

Museum staff preparing materials for the publication of a booklet on the museum and its branches, academic certificates for encyclopedias, periodicals, various organizations, as well as for individuals (upon receipt of applications). Annually organized and conducted more than 30 exhibitions in the Museum and other institutions from the museum and private collections, joint exhibitions with other museums not only our country, but also the countries of near and far abroad (Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Poland, Bulgaria). Thorough work is done for the replenishment of the State museum catalog of Belarus.

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    Address 220072 Minsk, Academicheskaya str., 5 GPS Google: 53.919442′ N, 53.919442′ E