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Museum The memorial complex «Mikalaeushina»

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Type: Memorial Location: Minsk region
The memorial complex "Nikolaevschina" is located in the homeland of Yakub Kolas in Stolbtsy district, Minsk region. This picturesque corner of the Ponemon comprises four memorial estates - Lastok, Albut', Akinchitsy and Smolnya - Each of which has its own peculiarities, its own unique look. A number of general and thematic tours of the museum and the estates of the branch, held theatrical tours, museum educational classes, exhibitions, meetings with famous people, literary and music festivals. Fame uses scientific conference "Kolasoviny".

Yakub Kolas is one of the most famous Belarusian writers, classic and founder of new Belarusian literature. Born October 22, 1882 in the village of Akinchitsy, forester in the family. He graduated from the public school, in 1902 - Nesvizh teacher's seminary, and then worked as a teacher at Pinsk. In May 1921 he moved to Minsk. In the future, he engaged in creative and scientific activities.

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    Address 222698, Republic of Belarus, Minsk., Stolbtsovsky district, Nikolaevschina GPS Google: 53.404618′ N, 53.404618′ E