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Museum of boulders

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Type: Mineralogy The exhibition: 4 Location: Minsk, Minsk region
Museum boulders was established in 1985 through the initiative of enthusiastic scientists from the Institute of Geochemistry and Geophysics of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus in Minsk. Since 1989, the Museum of boulders in Minsk has been declared a natural monument of national significance, but the official status of the Museum of the boulders has not yet received.

In a quiet place of Minsk Uruchcha located one of the most unusual museums in the whole country - the Museum of boulders. It collected about 2.5 thousand different not only by birth, but also the size of the stones and boulders placed in the correct order. The idea of the founders of the museum was clear: to present with stones scaled map Belarus, and all flowers and decorate the figure garden. So all the plants planted in the museum have their purpose: regional city marked on the "map" blue spruce, paths decorated with small pebbles - are all possible river Belarus, and the track is a little more, we transferred from the card, and the highway route. Do not forget also about the big hills of our country, Dzerzhinsky and Bald Mountain, in this role are the highest hills, up to 3.5 meters high. They are located in the central part of the park and are surrounded by flower gardens and low shrubs cropped. Throughout the museum seemed to be scattered rocks and boulders in the seemingly random order, but it is not so: all the exhibits are located in certain places, where they had been brought to 1985 during the creation of the museum.

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    Exposure - Museum of boulders

    1. ”Provenance” located on the northwest corner of the park area. Guests can enjoy a museum here on the big stones, a millstone that decades ago were used for grinding grain.
    2. ”Petrographic collection” located in the south-eastern section of the museum in the form of the circular walkway and divided into four sectors. Inside the circle - a collection of glacial boulders of different composition and origin of rocks.
    3. ”The form of boulders” located on the eastern site. Here visitors can see rare exhibits such as the cross Stefan Batory, who, according to legend, King dined Grand Duchy of Lithuania during the march to the east, and Jodo stone, brought from the ancient pagan temples that existed in the center of Minsk to the beginning of XX century.
    4. ”Stone and Man” located in the southern part of the park.

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    Address 220141, Republic of Belarus, Uruchcha, Academician Kuprevich Street GPS Google: 53.931974′ N, 53.931974′ E