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Cat museum

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Type: Art Location: Minsk, Minsk region
"Cat museum" - this is a unique place where employees and by the "exhibits" are cats. The museum was opened in Minsk in 2015. Here you can talk and play with live friendly cats and cats, as well as get acquainted with the works of art on the "cat" theme (painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, computer graphics, decoration).

Any visitor can draw his picture on the "cat" theme straight into the museum, and then put in a special place. You can also play the koto-checkers, play "Cat on the wall" in the museum, the game, "Puss in Boots", koto-fold puzzles, to direct the radio-controlled koto-bus.

In the "Museum of the Cat" runs a permanent exhibition on the "cat" theme, which presents paintings, drawings, sculpture, decorative and applied arts of Belarusian and foreign artists, designers, photographers. Also in the museum is devoted to temporary exhibitions.

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    Address The Republic of Belarus, Minsk, avenue Dzerzhinsky, 11 GPS Google: 53.888326′ N, 53.888326′ E