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House Museum of Pupko

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Type: Memorial Location: Ivenets, Mogilev region
House Museum of Pupko is the place where he was born and lived Appolinary Floritsifnovich navel, where from an early age engaged in drawing the paintings on the walls, wood carving. Being the same for different power modes, the house has always been for the authorities, by some miracle, because the house is already 150 years old, but it is not touched by neither war nor devastation, no other historical event. Since 1955, the house became visited by tourists from all over the USSR and other countries. Today the house is an extraordinary repository of many works of art Appolinaria Floritsifnovicha navel.

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    Address 222370, Minsk region, Volozhin District, g.p.Ivenets, Komsomolskaya, 87 GPS Google: 53.887888′ N, 53.887888′ E