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Museum of fire

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Type: Departmental Location: Minsk, Minsk region

From year to year we are excited by news of frightening consequences of the fires and other of emergency situations , about death on them of people, about so harmless, at first sight, reasons. For a long time it is clear that it is important to undertake serious measures and to carry out prophylaxis preventions of the fires and emergency situations.

With respect thereto, in Minsk the Museum of fire promoting forming at visitors of culture of safety was open for . For more productive work and the best assimilation of information, specialists of the Minsk municipal government of the Ministry of Emergency Situations the excursion program praktiko-oriented by was developed .

At visit of the museum of guests acquaint with the largest fires which have happened in Minsk in the 19th century , with history formation of fire service of Belarus and of the capital in particular, with the main reasons emergence of emergency situations and of death of people from them.

By means of training of a video dummy of "Action in various emergencies" can fulfill practical skills a challenge of divisions of rescuers-firefighters . On the video exercise machine can study the principle of action of emergency firefighting equipment . Also are shown to of individual protection equipment respiratory organs.

It is possible to set knowledge by viewing of the colourful movie and acquaintance to work by the Belarusian youth organization of rescuers-firefighters .

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    Address Minsk, street Kozlov, 26 - housing 8 GPS Google: 53.901795′ N, 53.901795′ E