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Piars (Ordo Clericorum Regularium Pauperum Matris Dei Scholarum Piarum) - the Catholic award of monks founded in XVII century, for the purpose of free training of youth. Has based St. Joseph Kalasantsi, the charter was confirmed by Pope Grigory XV in 1621 or 1622. Пиары have become famous in the second half of the century when headed boards and seminaries and were professors at known universities. At schools piars a number important the then innovations has been entered — new subjects are included in the training program, in particular, calligraphy and a native language; the concept of division into classes is entered; corporal punishments are cancelled, from teachers the valid relation to pupils was required. In 1641 Polish king Vladislav Vaza has addressed to the award founder to send piars for schools where they and have located since 1642. Same year the Lithuanian vice-province has been confirmed. In 1831-1842 the imperial authorities have closed all пиарские monasteries and schools in Belarus, in 1863 — in Poland.
Today piars work in 30 countries of the world, they posess 210 monasteries. The award curia is in Rome.