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Rafting on the rivers of Belarus

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Hiking сanoeing and kayaking is a great opportunity to see the natural beauty of the Belarusian nature, meet like-minded people. This holiday is suitable for groups of tourists and individual travelers. After exercise will be so nice to eat camp food cooked on the campfire in total silence fishing on the river and leisurely enjoy the sunset.
Rafting will be interest to the guests of Belarusian farmstead, schoolchildren, to Belarusian and foreign tourists in the add-ons to the quality of informative excursion program, to corporate groups - as an alternative leisure activities on corporate, eco-tourists - as an opportunity to observe floodplain plants, wild animals and other wildlife.

Belarusian excursion Internet portal Ekskursii.by offers organization of water  hiking on rivers and lakes Belarus of varying complexity for each traveler: at the most rapid rivers for experienced hikers or with multiple cognitive and cultural elements for beginners and amateurs, lasting from several hours to several days. Accommodation along the route - the choice of travelers, ranging from budget campsites to 3-4* hotels or resorts. Each group is accompanied by an experienced instructor, each participant will receive the necessary equipment (paddles, life jackets) as desired can be arranged entertainment - a suspended obstacle course, mobile climbing wall, field shooting, playgrounds for mini football and volleyball, evening entertainment with guest musicians.

Organization of safari tour is available on condition of booking tour across Belarus.

Popular water routes in Belarus

  • Rafting on the West Berezina

    Lasting: 3 days / 2 nights

    Route description: Middle part of Western Berezina in picturesque places of Volozhin district, where the river is measured and unhurried, is one of the best options of alloy day off for beginners. Addition to water campaign will be the rise of the Blue hill, which offers wonderful views of the bend of the river.

  • Yoga-Rafting on the Isloch

    Lasting: 3 days / 2 nights

    Route description: Isloch s famous for its fast currents and high banks, and the winding rivers and the many different obstacles will require the tourist concentration. During the campaign will be breathing practice, joint exercises, yoga poses, familiarity with meditation.

  • Rafting on the Luchesa

    Lasting: 3 days / 2 nights

    Route description: he river has melandrium and replete with obstacles in the form of fallen trees and rubble on them. In the middle of the road Luchesa takes place in the scenic «canyon» with a three-meter banks. Upstream of Vitebsk a lot of rifts, wild birds and sandy beaches.

  • Rafting in the Berezinsky reserve

    Lasting: 5 days / 4 nights

    Route description: Berezinsky biosphere reserve is a natural gem of Belarus. Rafting on Berezina accompany the guides and instructors of the reserve. In the program - campaign-various events, intellectual and sports competitions, contests, Hiking, visiting the forest zoo and observation tower.

  • Rafting on the Stviga

    Lasting: 6 days / 5 nights

    Route description: Stviga known for its pristine beauty, because at every bend of the river travelers meet the unique Polesie landscapes. The route along the river will take place along the Olmansky swamps. The river itself, though, and seems calm, rich in unexpected shallows and the sandy stretches.

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