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Route: Minsk
Distance: 120 km
Duration: 05:00 hour
Kind: Bus-Walking tours
Language of training: Russian
On an excursion to Stankovo, you will visit as a partisan camp, get acquainted with the life of the partisans, see the headquarters dugout, forest school, medical unit and weapons, and also visit the Minsk fortified area, where more than 30 samples of military equipment are presented. In the second part of the program - acquaintance with the zoo. At the end of the program, at the request of the group, lunch in a cafe or a picnic in a gazebo in the fresh air.
The excursion program

The excursion program - Stanikovo

  • Gathering the group
    Gathering the group
  • Moving
    Moving in Stankovo (46 km)
  • Attraction
    Attraction The guerrilla camp in Stankovo
    In the territory of Belarus guerrillas have appeared in the first week of war and was them here more, than in any other country. They went to the woods the whole families and even villages. In the Great Patriotic War the best parts of Wehrmacht were afraid of the Soviet guerrillas. On the example of the Guerrilla camp in Stankovo Va you will get acquainted with life of guerrillas. Reconstruction of the camp includes: a staff dugout with radio station, the commander's dugout, inhabited dugouts of ordinary structure, printing house, a guard dugout, a weapon workshop and a medical unit (only 10 dugouts). Near the camp there is an equipped arbor "Country boarding school" where the instructor will share with guests skills of survival in the wood and will tell about rules of careful attitude with the nature. At will here it is possible to organize a lunch in the fresh air. In the Guerrilla camp you will find an ancient oak "The forest guard" who is about 500 years old!
  • Attraction
    Attraction Military historical complex Minsk fortified area

    Military historical complex «Minsk fortified area» is located 50 kilometers from Minsk, in the Dzerzhinsky district, near the Stankovo village. The exposition of the complex consists of military equipment, heavy weapons and border outposts and includes 38 units of military equipment, which is located on 7.2 hectares.

  • Attraction
    Attraction The center of Eco-tourism «Stankovo»
    The center of ecological tourism of Stankovo is an opportunity to learn about history and the interesting facts from life of Dtherzhinshchina and to have a rest among the nature. Here it is possible to reserve a cottage or an arbor, to try dishes of the ethnic cuisine and to take a walk in a zoo. Such walk will be interesting to both adults and children. The Stankovsky zoo divided into two thematic platforms on which representatives of classes of the Bird and Mammals live. The class of birds is presented by domestic and wild exotic birds, and the class of mammals is presented by generally wild animals. In cozy lodges open-air cages bisons, a yak Jascha, lamas, wolves, dappled deers, roes, sheep and Cameroonian goats, the Vietnamese pigs, wild boars, Vasilis's bear cub, foxes and other inhabitants of the woods and fields have settled down.
  • Attraction
    In the territory of a zoo also the koneferma which consists of the stable, the covered arena and the konkurny field is located. Here horses of various breeds contain: Belarusian draft horse and Shetland pony. During the summer period everyone can sweep astride horses and pony, on a stagecoach or in the britska, and in the winter – in sledge, for an additional fee.
  • Lunch
    At the request of group, the organization of a lunch at restaurant "Grafsky Mayontak" , summer cafe "Solnechnoye" or children's cafe "Mishutka", a picnic outdoors or rent an arbor equipped with a brazier is possible.
  • Moving
    Moving in Minsk (46 km)
  • The end of the tour

Map of the tour route Stanikovo