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Rafting in the Berezinsky biosphere reserve

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Berezina known for winding stream and picturesque floodplain lakes. The route will pass through a unique corner of Belarusian nature - Berezinsky biosphere reserve. The lack of settlements along the route and almost impassable forest and wetland landscapes allow you to fully feel the beauty of untouched nature.


Route will pass along the territory of Berezinski biosphere reserve downstream of the Berezina river from North to South. Along the route equipped with Parking long stay, and in some places it is possible to organize a camp bath. Will be provided for participants ornithological, sightseeing walking tours, walk on the central manor of the reserve in the village of Domzheritsy.

Route duration:

Duration may be different: from 2 to 7 days. Meals on the route, as well as the installation and arrangement is organized independently by an experienced guide, if necessary, can help in kindling a fire, cooking, camping.

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