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Rafting on the West Berezina

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Western Berezina is the right tributary of Neman, with a length of 226 km, flows through the territory of the Minsk and Grodno regions. The route along the Western Berezina is considered easy and suitable for beginners: the river is very slow, blockages and shoals there, nature will allow you to fully enjoy your holiday.


Routing water rafting goes along the middle part of the river Western Berezina - through v. Listopad, v. Lactancy., Blue Mountain, v.Potsi, v. Rovkovichi, v. Kaltiki, v. Zamostyany. On the route there is opportunity for hiking climbing Blue Mountain (height 235,6 m), towering above the surrounding flat terrain. At the top you can see the remains of fortifications of the First world war. Optionally, you can visit the Church in Rakovica. Active rest on the route will be combined with games and swimming in the river.


day 1

  • Meeting the group in Minsk.
  • Shuttle service to tourist parking in the area v. Listopad.
  • Overnight stay.

day 2

  • Breakfast fee tourist equipment.
  • Safety on the water.
  • Start the alloy. Listopad, where the terrain is very open, surrounded by the river long fields. With the passage of a river will grow to 20-25 meters.
  • Lunch on one of our comfortable shores.
  • In the second half of the day on the banks of the river appears picturesque, small village, and after passing v. Lattanzi group will reach the Blue Mountains, where there will be a walking tour with climbing the mountain. From the top opens a beautiful view of the surrounding nature, you will also be able to explore the docks and buildings of the First world war.
  • Finish the day at one of the stops - setting up camp, dinner, free time.

day 3

  • Breakfast fee campground, packaging equipment.
  • Access to the water and rafting - today, the path will pass by v. Poti and Rovkovichi, where travelers are invited to visit the Church, built in the 19th century. By the end of the route the group will go to Sakowska reservoir on the banks of which is situated the village of Zamostyany where the journey will end.
  • Lunch, fees and a transfer to Minsk.

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