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Air tours in Belarus

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Boundless blue sky beckons so You want to fly... This dream is now achievable - it is now possible without any problems to take a trip on a hot air balloon, plane or helicopter. Beauty of the ancient village of Sula, Minsk landscapes, breathtaking beauty of Belarus - all this with a bird's eye view! We propose to combine such extraordinary event with all sorts of excursions, during which you can explore the towns and places of Belarus, visit museums and exhibitions, see the sights of our country.

Belarusian excursion portal Ekskursii.by offers many options for aerial travel. Flights on airplanes and helicopters can be organized in any of the cities of Belarus. Air travel can be ordered from all points of the republic, where the landing of air assets is possible. The cost of renting and tickets for helicopters, airplanes and balloons are given for reference only and are subject to change. Please note that the order of the air travel is possible only as a part of excursion tour or corporate event.

Air tours on air balloons, helicopters and airplanes

  • Air tour on the helicopter with the club «DOSAAF»

    The price per person is about:
    • 15 minutes - 400,00 BYN;
    • 20 minutes - 800,00 BYN;
    • 1 hour - 1 600,00 BYN.

    You can combine air ride with: Minsk city tour, Evening Minsk, Minsk - The National Library, Minsk - dolphinarium

    The Central Aero Club «DOSAAF» invites to make an air travel. A fascinating journey on the plane or on the helicopter can be arranged for the company from 6 to 10 people.

  • Air tour on the helicopter with the club «Avia-100»

    Price for group of 3 people is about:
    • 15 minutes - 300,00 BYN;
    • 30 minutes - 600,00 BYN;
    • 45 minutes - 900,00 BYN.

    You can combine the air ride with excursions presented on the portal Ekskursii.by

    The guests of «Avia-100» will take to the air at the Borovaya site and take a fly lasting 15 minutes. «Avia-100» also offers flights departing from all possible corners of Belarus, specify the price further.

  • Air tour on a
    hang glider in Strochitsy

    The price per person is about от 95,00 BYN

    The air trip can be combined with the excursion Strochitsy

    The Belarusian State Museum of Folk Architecture and Life invites you to admire the beautiful views of an old village. Everyone will be able to choose the flight program to their liking: easy «Romantics», extreme «Adrenaline», sightseeing «Three Lakes» and «Secrets of History».

  • Air tour on the plane in Dudutki

    Price for group of 3 people is about
    • 15 minutes - 320,00 BYN;
    • 30 minutes - 500,00 BYN;
    • 1 hour - 1 130,00 BYN.

    The air trip can be combined with the excursion Dudutki

    The museum complex of ancient crafts and everyday life invites to enjoy the views of Dudutki and to fly over the forest expanses. The guests of the complex can make a ten-minute flight on a plane, with a capacity of 2 people.

  • Air tour on the balloon with «Aerotour-Balloons»

    Price for group of 3 people is about 1 200,00 BYN.

    You can combine the air ride with excursions presented on the portal Ekskursii.by

    A gentle romantic journey in the endless blue skies of Belarus - isn't a fairy tale? And this tale is feasible: you can go on a balloon flight in a group of 2-8 people, as well as individually. The company «Aerotour-Balloons» invites you to wander over the expanses of Minsk and its region at a height of about 1 kilometer.

You can get advice on the organization of excursion with air rides using one of following ways:

  1. from the page of your order;
  2. by phone (+37529) 756-66-65, send a message to Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype;
  3. by phone (+37517) 394-49-13 (multichannel);
  4. by E-mail - send a message >>

If you did not find a suitable option among the proposed options, send us a request for organizing the excursion, indicate your wishes for the trip, within 24 hours our specialists will send you offers.