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News : Excursion to the Belarusian Chernobyl

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Exсursion Belarusian Chernobyl

Excursion to the Belarusian Chernobyl


Belarusian excursion portal Ekskursii.by invites all fans of extreme tourism to visit the tour «Belarusian Chernobyl» in group tours with departure from Minsk. Vivid emotions and unforgettable impressions on such a trip are guaranteed!

During the excursion, you will see how people live in the territory that has been subject to intense contamination with radionuclides due to the Chernobyl NPP disaster, learn about the life of the region before and after the disaster. And in the end you will visit the zone where there are no more residents left, you will see ghost towns, abandoned buildings.

Today, the entry to the Ukrainian exclusion zone and the Chernobyl NPP itself is closed for citizens of Belarus and Russia, therefore an excursion to the «Belarusian Chernobyl» is the only way to get the spirit of the biggest disaster in the history of nuclear power.

Group tours will be organized on August, 17, September, 14 and October, 12 2019. Booking is possible not less than 10 days before the excursion. The cost of the tour includes transport services, services of a certified guide, registration of passes to the border zone, dosimetric control, lunch.

Read more about the excursion program of «Belarusian Chernobyl» You can on the portal Ekskursii.by.