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News : Museum of the Belarusian Book on the portal Ekskursii.by

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Museum of the Belarusian Book on the portal Ekskursii.by

Do you like Belarusian literature? Then this news should definitely interest you! On the portal Ekskursii.by there is information about Museum of the Belarusian Book. Here you can learn the work and life of prominent Belarusian writers: see their photos and portraits, browse rare books of past centuries, study invaluable literary and archival documents, as well as household items of famous countrymen.

Museum of the Belarusian Book is located in Slonim in the building of the central library. Here are collected works of fiction, books on history and local lore, textbooks, publications of religious and spiritual content, etc., as well as there is organized an exhibition of a rare book from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

The museum is divided into two parts. One part of it is dedicated to the life and work of the great Belarusian writer - Yakub Kolos. There are the collected works, commemorative editions, rare books and household items of the author.
The second part of the museum tells about the life and creativity of Slonim writers, special place among which is given to the famous Belarusian poet and scientist Oleg Loyko: here in 2017 the museum room of the famous countryman was opened.

Read more information about the museum of the Belarusian Book You can find on the portal Ekskursii.by.