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News : Military History Festival Autumn. 1915 in Strochitsy

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Exсursion Strochitsy

Military History Festival Autumn. 1915 in Strochitsy

Belarussian state museum of folk architecture and household activity «Strochitsy» invites everyone to visit on September 28, 2019 a unique Military History Festival «Autumn. 1915», which is dedicated to the heroic events of the First World War.

As part of the first military historical festival «Autumn. 1915» visitors will be able to plunge into the atmosphere of one of the largest military conflicts in the history of mankind and get acquainted with the key events of those years.

The highlight of the festival will be the reconstruction of the battle for the Belarusian village between German and Russian troops in the autumn of 1915, which was a part of «Sventsiany breakthrough». This event took place as a part of «Vilna operation», when Germans broke through the defenses of the Russian troops and went on the offensive. The advanced German units were able to reach Minsk, but the Russian troops launched a counterattack and threw off the enemy forces, while stabilizing the front line. During the reconstruction various parts of the Russian Imperial and German Army will be represented in full gear in accordance with historical sources.

Also, for visitors to the festival,animation camp will be working on the museum’s territory, where excursionists will be able to get acquainted with the life of soldiers of the Russian army and sisters of mercy during the First World War. Also, visitors will be able to learn the basics of bayonet combat, cavalry training, test their knowledge of flight training, visit the thematic photo zone with a model of the legendary machine gun «Maksim» and clothing from those years, etc.

You can visit the festival as part of informative excursion «Strochitsy». More information on the excursion program can be found on its page.

The cost of the tour for individual and corporate groups will be:
  • 8-19 people - 499.00 BYN
  • 20-50 people - 712.00 BYN

Entrance tickets are additionally paid: 12.00 BYN for adults, 6.00 for children and students.

Belarussian state museum of folk architecture and household activity «Strochitsy» invites everyone to the festival of reconstruction of the First World War, as an interactive history lesson!