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News : Where to go this summer in Belarus?

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Where to go this summer in Belarus?

Friends! Belarusian excursion portal Ekskursii.by invites you to exciting tours of beloved Belarus. Now is the time when it is worth making a short trip around your country, which will open up a completely different Belarus for you! The Ekskursii.by portal offers you a wide selection of excursions.

We are pleased to inform you that we did not stop organizing the popular one-day excursions in Belarus , which will traditionally introduce you to the legends and secrets of medieval castles of the World and Nesvizh , remembering the great princes and kings; give you the opportunity to touch the Belarusian traditions and crafts on excursions with tastings at Dudutki ; visit the relict oldest forest in Europe and get acquainted with the wild inhabitants of Belovezhskaya Pushcha .

This year we celebrated the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War, therefore military excursions are especially popular - Khatyn - Kurgan of Glory , Stalin Line and Brest Fortress .

And if you have already visited the main routes and the question where to go on vacation in Belarus in 2020 is still relevant, we have something to surprise you with! We offer you to visit the Belarusian production and see how the main brands of the country are assembled - the legendary mining dump trucks BelAZ - Guinness World Records record holders and Belarus tractors .

In addition, Ekskursii.by offers exclusive group tours in English for everyone who wants to "pull up" and practice a foreign language without leaving the country!

For your convenience, you can sign up for a national tour of Belarus online and receive all the necessary documents by e-mail without having to visit the office of the enterprise. Traveling with Ekskursii.by is easy, interesting and safe!