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News : New animation program in Pansky maentak Sula

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Exсursion Pansky maentak Sula - Rubiazevicy

New animation program in Pansky maentak Sula

From December 11, 2020 to January 17, 2021 Pansky maentak «Sula» invites adults and children to winter adventures. «Kalyadnya Spatkanni from Santai near Sule» is a new animation program that cheerfully tells about the most important traditions associated with winter holidays among our ancestors.

This is an incredible immersion in a historical holiday, filled with fun and carol magic. You will find not only a fascinating story about the ancient traditions of celebrating Christmas and New Year, but also interactive theatrical actions , ceremonies, games, dances, sleigh rides and much more. The guests will become participants in a real quest to find «Kalyadnai Yalinki», they will see a new performance of Sula's «Batleyka».

At the end of the program, young guests of the complex will enjoy a play music program and a sweet treat, while adults will enjoy an old drinking ritual with an unusual snack.
You can't do without meeting with Santa Claus in his Residence, where you can make a wish and get a sweet prize.

You can visit the Pansky Maentak «Sula» as part of the tour «Pansky maentak Sula - Rubezhevichi». You can familiarize yourself with the program and the schedule of the tour on its page.