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News : We wish you a Merry Christmas

News and promotions about rest in Belarus: January3

We wish you a Merry Christmas

Dear friends! The team of PRPUE «Automated tourism technologies» wishes you bright and merry Christmas!
Let this holiday be joyful, your homes will be ful of calmness and comfort; happiness and well-being will follow you!

Christmas is the kindest and most soulful holiday and we wish you to meet with our family, loved ones and dear people! Let this miracle day make your hearts warm, thoughts pure and bright.
Let the first star in the sky, which announces the birth of baby Jesus, make you believe your dreams come true and the power of good.

A song was heard at Christmas
To wake the midnight sky:
A saviour’s birth, and peace on earth,
And praise to God on high.

The angels sang at Christmas
With all the hosts above,
And still we sing the newborn King
His glory and his love.

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