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News : Excursion Mir - Nesvizh

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Exсursion Mir Castle - Nesvizh Palace

Excursion Mir - Nesvizh

The excursion portal Ekskursii.by invites Minsk dwellers and guests of the capital on March 28th, 2021 to join the team excursion Mir - Nesvizh, in the program of which you will be fully immersed in the history of the Radziwills castle in Nesvizh and the burning legends of the ancient Mir castle. The beauty of the wondrous land will not leave anyone indifferent, and the mysteries and secrets of ancient noble families will make you think.

The excursion «Mir - Nesvizh» for several for years has held the position of one of the most popular excursions. Going to it, you will give yourself the opportunity to visit the most beautiful castles of Belarus.

The excursion program includes a visit to Mir Castle - pearls of medieval architecture in Belarus. It embodied 3 vibrant cultural styles: Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque. Its impregnable walls are in an extraordinary way combined with exquisite interiors. And the amazing story underlines its splendor. The Mir castle will tell you the legends that still keep these places, about how a ram's head for centuries protects the castle from destruction, what treasure is guarded by the castle ghost and what secret the castle pond keeps.
Mir town is a vivid example of Belarusian tolerance, because for centuries different peoples have coexisted here with their culture and religion: Belarusians, Poles, Jews, Tatars, and they lived in an atmosphere of mutual respect and recognition.

In addition, you will visit Nesvizh - the former residence of one of the noblest magnate families of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania - the Radziwills, one of the oldest and most mysterious cities in Belarus. During a sightseeing tour of the town, you will visit The Farny Church - the first baroque monument in Eastern Europe, you will see Slutsk gate - an original monument of Baroque architecture that was once part of the system of city fortifications, town hall of late 16th - early 17th centuries, shopping arcade, Market Square, artisan house, baroque monument - Benedictine Monastery.
The palace and park complex, surrounded by myths about the legendary treasures of the Radziwills and the Black Lady gives Nesvizh a unique look. You will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the architecture of the palace, the history of its creation and construction, the life and quirks of its famous owners, stroll along the brooding alleys of the Old Park.

You can visit the castles of Mir and Nesvizh on March 28th, 2021, you can order an excursion directly here.
For individual groups, the excursion can be organized at any time convenient for you.