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News : Pansky maentak Sula celebrates its 15th anniversary

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Pansky maentak Sula celebrates its 15th anniversary

August 21 and 22 Pansky maentak Sula invites Welcome to your 15th Birthday . A large festive party without age restrictions is a great option for spending time on a weekend for the whole family. Join us!

It is always fun in «Sula», but the anniversary celebration will definitely become a large-scale event. Do not miss the opportunity to be in the center of events.

Waiting for you:

  • - traditional games, fun
  • - theater performances
  • - music program, live sound
  • - medieval dances
  • - horse show from «Golden Spur»
  • - master classes
  • - treat with festive grease and greens
  • - festive fireworks
The holiday starts at 14.00.

You can visit the Pansky Maentak «Sula» as part of the tour «Pansky maentak Sula - Rubezhevichi». You can familiarize yourself with the program and the schedule of the tour on its page.