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News : The Old Castle in Grodno was opened after restoration

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Exсursion Grodno - city of the Lithuanian princes and kings of Poland

The Old Castle in Grodno was opened after restoration

November 6, 2021 a new museum exposition was ceremonially opened in the Old Castle in Grodno. It was housed in the renovated premises of the first stage of the castle's reconstruction. Plunge into history, visit the museum «in the forefront»!

Reconstruction of one of the oldest castles in Belarus began in 2017 and is being carried out in several stages. Now one of them has been completed: the erection of the entrance and middle towers, the restoration of the fortress wall with a gallery between the towers, the construction of a measuring hut and a kamenitsa.

These premises house a new exposition with interactive zones, which will tell about the history of both the castle itself and the Grodno region as a whole. Among the exhibits, located in seven halls, there are many unique ones, including archaeological finds from the Castle Hill. A medieval printing house will also work in the museum, where you can get acquainted with the technology of creating engravings. The castle also opened a observation deck with views of the historic city center.

You can see the Old Castle during the excursion - «Grodno - city of Lithuanian princes and kings of Poland».