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News : Black Friday - discounts up to 20% on tours and excursions

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Black Friday - discounts up to 20% on tours and excursions

PRPUE «Automated tourism technologies» announces Black Friday! Discounts up to 10% for tours for 2021 and 2022 to the most popular health resorts in Belarus from the Internet portal Sanatori.by and 20% discount on excursions from the Internet portal Ekskursii.by! Within 6 days from November 25th to November 30th inclusively book tours at favorable prices and get an additional bonus - up to 100% discount on the booking service!

During the period of grandiose sales all over the world, Internet portals Sanatori.by and Ekskursii.by also decided to please their clients with favorable discounts!

Black Friday at Sanatori.by - it is an opportunity to book a vacation for a year in advance and improve your health at the best prices. Make pleasant and economical purchases, invest in your health!

discount On tours:

10% discount in the health resort 5% discount in the health resort
Belorusochka Alpha-Radon
Bug Berestie
Lenina Vesta
Isloch Podjelniki
Krinitsa Praleska (Minsk region)
Lepelski Ruzhanski
Lesnie ozera Chaborok
Health Center Energia

discount For booking service:

  • 100% discount - for all citizens of Belarus
  • 50% discount - for non-residents of Belarus

Discounts are valid:

  • when booking from November 25 to November 30, 2021 inclusive;
  • for tours for 2021-2022 years according to the price list approved by the health resort;
  • if you pay for the tour until December 5, 2021 inclusive.

Black Friday at Ekskursii.by is a time of pleasant shopping and bright travels!

discount Discount 20% on both multi-day tours and day excursions.

Discounts are valid:

  • when booking and paying for the period from November 25 to November 30, 2021 inclusive;
  • for excursions and tours for 2021-2022.

Hurry up! Now is the time to plan your holiday - Black Friday won't last long! Only we have the most favorable and fair prices for tours to all health resorts in Belarus. You can get acquainted with all the promotions and bonus offers of Belarusian health resorts in the section Promotions and discounts.
Please note that in the section Rooms and rates on the pages of the health resorts, the cost of the tour is already indicated with the discount, and on excursions, the cost is indicated without the discount.
* The action does not apply to previously purchased tours.