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News : Visit to the Ferrum Bellum exhibition. Military-historical reconstruction

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Visit to the Ferrum Bellum exhibition. Military-historical reconstruction

Minsk Town Hall continues its work exhibition «Ferrum Bellum. Military-historical reconstruction». It is presented as a kind of backstage reconstruction: it allows you to examine the armor in detail, as well as get acquainted with Belarusian blacksmithing. This project is not so much about weapons and knightly armor, but about love for history and its embodiment.

All of the armor on display is made from historical designs and is capable of fulfilling its primary function of protecting the wearer. The following elements of the knight's weapons and equipment are presented at the exhibition: swords, battle axes, daggers, shields, as well as cords characteristic of the territory of Belarus, helmets, bascinets, chain mail, cuirasses, etc.

The exhibition project also demonstrates the process of making all items. In order to accurately reconstruct your favorite era, you must first master the technology relevant to this era. The anvil, bellows, blacksmith's furnace, tongs, chisels, hammers are united within the boundaries of the exhibition at a stylized "blacksmith's workshop". These tools are made according to authentic sources from different eras, recreating the evolution of blacksmithing in the Belarusian lands, namely from the simplest ways of organizing Belarusian blacksmithing to the emergence of workshop associations in the country.

Visiting this exhibition is a great way to spend some quality time.
The exhibition is open until June 15, 2022. Don't miss it!

You can visit the exhibition during Minsk walking tour.