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News : New excursion - Dipriz Park and Mir Castle

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Exсursion Dipriz Park and Mir Castle

New excursion - Dipriz Park and Mir Castle

A great solution for a family trip or a company holiday - a new excursion from Ekskursii.by in Dipriz Park and Mir Castle. A fascinating journey that will allow you to plunge into the historical past of Belarus, as well as have fun with animals in the Dipriz park.

How to make a tour useful in terms of new knowledge, but at the same time very fun and emotionally positive? We have a solution! You should visit the excursion «Dipriz Park and Mir Castle».

The historical component of the excursion is an acquaintance with one of the four sights of Belarus, included in the UNESCO cultural heritage list - Mir Castle.

But will be responsible for strictly positive emotions Dipriz Zoo. Once in the park, you will find yourself in a fairy tale. Beautiful and cute animals live on the territory of the complex. Walking through the park is a delight for both children and adults. Also, all kinds of trees that grow in Belarus are planted here.

You can learn more about excursion program on the website Ekskursii.by, and you can send a booking request by clicking on link.

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