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News : We give a free excursion for two to Mir-Nesvizh

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Exсursion Mir Castle - Nesvizh Palace

We give a free excursion for two to Mir-Nesvizh

In honor of the upcoming 15th anniversary of our company, we are holding a drawing of a free tour in our group VKontakte. An excursion to Mir-Nesvizh will allow you to get acquainted with two UNESCO sites at once. The conditions for participation are simple, and the chances of winning are very high!

Get acquainted with the intricacies of perfect fortification systems and walk through the halls that still remember the great princes and kings. Learn all about the secrets and intrigues, about the legends and legends of the most famous castles in Belarus. All this is possible on the incredibly popular Mir-Nesvizh Tour, which can be someone absolutely free in our giveaway.

To participate, go to on link and follow the simple conditions. Good luck!