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News : Birthday of the Belarusian tour operator ChRPUP Automated tourism technologies - 15 years

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Birthday of the Belarusian tour operator ChRPUP Automated tourism technologies - 15 years


Today, August 9, 2022, to our enterprise «Automated tourism technologies» turns 15 years old! On this important day for our company, we sincerely thank all partners and beloved customers for their trust and support throughout our journey!

For 15 years we have been working and creating comfortable conditions for planning holidays throughout Belarus. The main mission of our company is the creation of a national tourism product, the introduction of the most advanced information technologies in the organization of recreation in Belarus, the provision of a high level of service for customers with any income level.

We have already done an enormous amount of work to collect reliable information about recreation facilities in Belarus, we have taken tens of thousands of photos and videos that can be seen on our websites and social networks. Every year we drive thousands of kilometers across the country and scrupulously double-check and update the entered data so that our customers receive reliable information and accurate answers to their questions.

Despite various difficulties, such as the spread of coronavirus infection and the closure of borders, we continue to work for the good of our mission. Every day, without days off and holidays, our specialists work with all responsibility on organizing the rest of our clients.

High standards of service verified over 15 years of successful work, creation of a convenient and fast process for booking tours, as well as trustful partnerships with all objects holidays on the territory of the country give us the opportunity to successfully promote the tourist products of Belarus not only in the country, but also far beyond its borders.

The team of PRPUE «Automated tourism technologies» thanks our regular customers who once trusted and stayed with us, thereby helping us grow. We also thank all new customers for choosing our company. We will try to justify your trust and will continue to expand the list of services provided, improve the convenience and speed of using our portals and provide first-class quality service!