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News : Teacher\'s Day at the Museum of Folk Architecture and Life

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Teacher's Day at the Museum of Folk Architecture and Life


Internet portal Ekskursii.by and Museum of Folk Architecture and life of Strochitsy invites everyone to celebrate Teacher's Day together! The event will take place on October 2, 2022 from 13:00 to 17:00. We invite students and teachers to spend this interesting and fun day at the open-air museum!

On the first Sunday of October Belarus celebrates a professional holiday - Teacher's Day. A teacher is a person who not only transfers knowledge, but also teaches to believe in oneself and cope with difficulties. Time flies quickly, and for us, former students, when we meet, it seems that the teachers do not change. The same open smile, a caring look and a stack of notebooks in her hands. And with what bated breath you remember the last call and tears in the eyes of your beloved teacher...

The Belarusian State Museum of Folk Architecture and Life did not miss this warm and joyful holiday!

Waiting for you at the event:

  • Excursions to monuments of wooden architecture;
  • Fascinating workshops;
  • Outdoor karaoke;
  • Music program;
  • Traditional Belarusian folk dances and games;
  • Competitions and competitions for the smartest.

Visit the holidayTeacher's Day as part of the tour Strochitsy, send an application for which you can already now.