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News : Festival on October 30th in Panska Mantka Sula

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Festival on October 30th in Panska Mantka Sula


Excursion portal Ekskursii.by invites you to Pansky Maentak «Sula» On October 30, 2022, spend a warm autumn weekend in nature! Pleasant emotions and memories are never superfluous, join us.

A weekend with family or friends is a great idea that will definitely energize you for a week or more ahead. On October 30, we suggest going to Sulu, where the the family quest «Secrets of the Old Pumpkin», in which individual visitors with children can take part school growth.

Also, «Sula» invites you to the location of children's handmade and waiting for a pumpkin composition to participate in the competition for the best production of «Mystic Sula».

You can visit the entertainment program as part of the excursion «Pansky Maentak Sula - Rubiazevicy», send an application for which you can already now.