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News : Opening of the watchtower on Yuryeva Hill

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Exсursion Zaslavl - Krevo - Golshany

Opening of the watchtower on Yuryeva Hill

November 5 in Kreva solemnly opening of the watchtower on Yuryeva Hill. Now this place is available for tourists to visit. The ten-meter tower offers an excellent view of the surroundings.

In general, only part of the historical foundation has survived to our time, and a new tower was built on its basis. Now a part of the ancient foundation of the XIV century is exhibited inside the tower.

The 10-meter tower can be reached by an internal staircase. The tree was aged and treated with a special material to protect it from climatic influences.

You can visit the tower as part of an excursion «Zaslavl - Krevo - Golshany».