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News : New Year\'s program for children at the Gingerbread House

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New Year's program for children at the Gingerbread House

New Year and Christmas is a favorite holiday for both children and adults! In «Gingerbread house» fairy helpers together with the charming Baba Yaga, we prepared carol stories for children, divination on gingerbread, tea drinking from samovars and a fascinating master class on painting New Year's gingerbread. The kids will be delighted!

In the courtyard, guests will be greeted by a hut on chicken legs and a huge fairy-tale stove. Children will plunge into a fairy tale, learn about Christmas traditions, have a tea party from a real samovar and receive a fragrant treat from Baba Yaga. Also during the master class, each child will decorate their gingerbread with icing and sprinkles! This is the most exciting part of the program, where children's creativity is shown and fine motor skills work well. Children take painted gingerbread cookies home to give to their relatives and friends, although it is possible that they will eat them on the way, because the gingerbread cookies are very tasty!

The program is suitable for students in grades 1-5.

You can order an excursion to The Gingerbread House» link.