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News : Ancient Slavic holiday «Maslenitsa» in «Strochitsy»

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Exсursion Strochitsy

Ancient Slavic holiday «Maslenitsa» in «Strochitsy»


Internet portal Ekskursii.by and Museum of Folk Architecture and life of «Strochitsy» invite February 25, 2023 to the Slavic holiday «Maslenitsa». You can truly plunge into the atmosphere of a national holiday, get rid of the hardships and misfortunes that accompanied you last year.

Maslenitsa is an ancient Slavic holiday symbolizing the farewell to winter. The unique Strochitsy Museum will help you plunge into the atmosphere of the most cheerful folk holiday, here you can take part in Maslenitsa festivities, try yourself in various games and amusements. The culmination of the holiday will be the solemn burning of a scarecrow of winter - «Marena»! Looking at this cleansing fire, you will get rid of the hardships and misfortunes that accompanied you in the past and look forward to the arrival of sunny, spring days.

A bright program awaits you:

  • performance of folklore groups;
  • carnival games and fun for children and adults;
  • screening of the Belarusian shadow theater «Vertep»;
  • show of the puppet theater «Batleyka»;
  • conducting various master classes for adults and children;
  • reconstruction of the rite «Pahavanne Dzeda» (only for adults!);
  • reconstruction of the rite «German»;
  • reconstruction of the rite «Navedvanne maladukhi»;
  • reconstruction of the rite «Navedvanne zhanchyny-pavitukhi»;
  • Shrovetide pole with prizes;
  • burning Marena

You can visit the event "Maslenitsa" as part of the tour Strochitsy, send an application for which you can already now.