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News : «Maslenitsa» together with Dipriz Park!

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Exсursion Dipriz Park and Mir Castle

«Maslenitsa» together with Dipriz Park!


Dipriz Park invites everyone to celebrate the holiday of the sun «Maslenitsa» together! The entertainment program will take place on February 25-26, 2023 at 11:00.

«Maslenitsa» is one of the most joyful and bright holidays. For a whole week, people see off the boring winter, bake pancakes and visit each other. The climax of «Maslenitsa» to this day is the burning of the effigy of Winter - a symbol of the departure of winter and the onset of spring.

At the entertainment program «Maslenitsa» awaits you:

  • Fair;
  • Master classes from artisans;
  • Shrovetide festivities;
  • Concert program;
  • Visiting 2 locations «Cossack World» and «Lyasnyaya tayamnіtsy» and communication with animals;
  • Traditional rite of burning an effigy of «Maslenitsa»;
  • Fragrant pancakes and tea.

You can visit the event «Maslenitsa» as part of the tour Dipriz Park and Mir Castle, you can leave a request here.

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