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News : Opening of the gallery Grishuk Arsenal on the portal

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Opening of the gallery Grishuk Arsenal on the portal


On the portal Ekskursii.by has opened new museum - Gallery «Grischuk Arsenal» . This gallery was opened by Grishuk Anatoly Georgievich, an honorary citizen of Grodno, a patron of the arts and a collector.

Gallery «Grischuk Arsenal» although young, it is rich in exhibits. It contains 3 halls - Hall of bladed ceremonial weapons, hunting and fishing hall and Hall of Olympic glory.

In the Ceremonial Bladed Weapons Room there are various ceremonial and premium blades of the 19th-20th centuries. The jewels of the collection are the Golden Ceremonial Sword of Freemasons and the sword in honor of the coronation of Elizabeth II, as well as many ceremonial swords.

Hunting and Fishing Hall will tell you more about how the hunt went, you will see a collection of beer glasses, smoking pipes and hunting horns.

In the Olympic Hall of Fame there are medals of Alexander Kurlovich - the strongest man on earth, as well as gold medalists of the Grodensk region.

You can visit the Gallery «Grischuk Arsenal» as part of the tour Royal city of Grodno